One Of The Most Economical Features Made Recently In Bollywood !

Ashish Lal’s Main Tumhare Bachche Ki Maa Banne Waali Hoon

Story’s Plot : 2 years into marriage and just like most couples, love is lost between the old love birds, Saaya and Sarthak. Saaya’s naughty but caring neighbor Rukmini gives her some tips, those “Dadima ke nuskhe”. What happens next will surprise you as well as touch you.

Director Ashish Lal
Director Ashish Lal

Due to the selfless contribution of the talented cast and crew, they produced this medium length feature in almost ‘no budget’ – probably one of the most economical features made recently.

Actress Sadiya Azgar
Actress Sadiya Azgar

Cast :

Priyanka Panchal, Ashish Lal, Sadiya Azgar, Ashutosh Matela, Dhanaraj Chandrakant & Anisha Yeshwant

Voice Actor : Pooja Jhala (for Rukmini)

Writer & Director : Ashish Lal

Director of Photography & Editor Arindam Banerjee

Music : Abhijit Parag

Singers : Priyanka Panchal & Ashutosh Matela



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