Terrorism, Cyber War & You

Just another day on Facebook and you may find an interesting video on your timeline shared by someone. Once you will click on it, it’s going to ask for sharing, liking & other permissions through a button. After you clicked on ‘permission granted’ button (it may hidden beneath ‘Sharing‘ or ‘play’ button), your all private information will be available on hackers database…!!

But still, how you are connected with Cyber war & terrorism ??

Under Indo-Pak cease-firing violation, there are 2000 terrorists waiting to infiltrate in India. Consider the fact, all the terrorists need some info of Indian citizen. They may use your personal infos ( Adhaar Card + FB Personal Infos = Genuine Indian Identity, what else you can ask?! ) and reside in India as a true citizens. God knows then what they will do with your identity & how much dangerous they could be for you on personal grounds.

So when there is a cyber war going on between you and neighbor countries, we must be more careful. We can’t afford letting our curiosity to win over obvious. Access the things which seems normal. Don’t blindly trust on all messages coming through WhatsApp, twitter or FB.

About calls, most of the time its Skype number and Indian people doesn’t pick even my call coming from it, thinking that it is coming from a Hacker at Afghanistan. You believed on those stuffs without even cross checking?!

So keep your eyes open, have a safe web surfing. Enjoy it with a bit more attention…!!


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