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Sanjjanaa… Sandalwood Heart Throb – A Review

Chinmaya M. Rao, Honagodu
(Translated to English By Deepak Koradi)

Sanjjanaa (2)An actress can rise to heights from her very first film, can drop instantly without even being able to raise, can even stay in the same level throughout or even vacate the industry without being able to sustain. All these depend on the first film she chooses, which should be seconded by luck as well. How people would like to see her or how she wants them to accept her depends upon the very first project an actress takes upon. Some even attempt a risk to walk on the cliff in the very first go. One can say, ‘same is the case with Sanjjanaa’.

The very first thought that comes to our mind when we hear the name Sanjjanaa is “Ganda-Hendathi” Sanjjanaa. Does this mean we are exaggerating her name? Does this mean that the character which she chose for the movie is making us think like this? Does this mean her decision of giving justice to such a character is her mistake? Then where lies the mistake and with whom?.. If one sees from the right perspective there’s no mistake from anybody’s side. Mistake lies when we see and think of Sanjjanaa in the same character outside the movie. Any character should only be restricted to the move and not out of that. This would be an insult to the artist. If we can accept Mallika Sherawat in the same role in Hindi, why do we have to discard Sanjana who has given an equal justice to the role? Is it right to think of her, as a person, in the same role even outside the movie?

Gradually the industry is realizing that it’s not right. After “Ganda-Hendathi”, people who created the picture without any limits had kept her out of the boundary thinking that Sanjjanaa’s just meant for “That type” of roles.. It would have been the last cinema for any other actress if it was not Sanjana. Because there’s a true artist within Sanjana, that cinema, instead of becoming the last, became an ice breaker for her. Opportunities fled towards her.. But which film industry? Of course NOT the Kannada film industry.. it was Hindi and Telugu film industries.

Sanjjanaa (3)After getting an insulting welcome in Kannada industry post “Ganda-Hendathi” movie, the Hindi industry gave an open arm welcome to Sanjana. Impressed watching her in the Fast track ad with John Abraham, one of the renowned directors Puri Jagannath have her a lead role in his telugu cinema “Bujjigadu”, which created a new record with it’s out of the world climax. As a result Sanjjanaa gave her outstanding performance in 6 telugu cinemas in series. Satyameva Jayate, Mugguru, Samarthudu.. to name a few which gave Sanjjanaa name and fame in Telugu industry. Even in Malayalam film industry she did create a good impression after sharing the screen with Mollywood stars like Mohanlal  and Mummutti. Her efforts paid her back and she gained a good position in South Indian film industry. Meanwhile the Sandalwood people who saw their own star shining in the neighboring galaxy, tried hard to get Sanjjanaa’s dates. As a result movies like Mylari, Rangappa Hogbitna?, Narasimha, Ondu Kshanadalli, Saagar, Rebel , Mahaanadi, BANGALORE 560023 and Mandya to Mumbai  gave new dimension to Sanjjanaa. Currently, the projects under production like Deadly Dangerous (a horror thriller) and cinema my darling (a Gowrish Akki film ) are eagerly waiting to step up Sanjjanaa in her success ladder. After creating an impression across the sky as she flew, when Sanjjanaa came back to her homeland industry and expressed her experiences, it seemed that she has an urge to become a complete artist.

Sanjjanaa (1)Over to Sanjana…

“After entering the cinema industry, instead of facing bad consequences behind the stage I had to face it right in front. Everybody will face such consequences at least once in a lifetime and for me it happened in my first movie. That’s it. I won’t get disappointed for that because right after ‘Ganda-Hendathi’ movie, I got a break from the renowned director of the Telugu industry, Puri Jagannath, for his ‘Bujjigadu’ cinema. And everybody has witnessed it coming out as a super hit cinema. What else do I need? After all, I, being a Kannadathi, will have to perform different roles and emerge out as a new Sanjjanaa (and not “Ganda-Hendati” Sanjjanaa). I’m no more that innocent girl Sanjjanaa. I have completely forgotten all that. Don’t you fell that an all new Sanjjanaa has come in front you all? Isn’t Mylari cinema a live example for that? Now I’ve entered into a helping nature character, throughout the film, in director Rajendra Singh Babu’s new flick Rebel. That movie has a very good message too. I would love to do such character oriented roles. Even if it’s an art movie it’s fine. Directors should bless me with such roles.

SanjjanaaI need to do award winning roles. Since I’m tall and glamorous I tend to get only N.R.I. roles.  Since such roles come from big banners, I accept them. Ultimately, my role should be such that it remains in people’s mind even after they come out of the theatres. That’s my intension”.. When such continuous flow of words rushed out of Sanjjanaa, it seemed that her heart is more beautiful that her.

The core intension of her filmy career which Sanjana expresses flawlessly depicts the real artist in her. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if it’s said that the perfect depiction is not yet happened. Overall, let Sanjana’s wish of playing roles that wins people’s heart may come true. Let her make an everlasting impression in everyone’s heart which until now was restricted only to a few bunch of people.

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