Neha Dubey, Who Looks Like An Ivory Carved Into A Sculpture !

Northern part of the country has enwrapped lots of glamour. Though Delhi is the capital of the country, one can proudly say, Mumbai is the capital of the cinema industry. Hence all those glamour faces from different parts of the country flow towards Mumbai much as all the rivers stream towards the sea. Everyday in Mumbai, thousands of such talents strive hard to create an impression. One among such glamorous talents is this lady, Neha Dubey, who looks like an ivory carved into a sculpture. Neha has flown all the way from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) towards the sea of Mumbai.


Miss Bhopal….

After being crowned as Miss Bhopal in 2007-08, Neha has already been a known name in the Advertisement segment. Jewellery, Saree and various other products have been given life thru her pictures. So are those numerous fashion shows which she participated in.


Open-hearted talk…

Neha is not among those heroines who walk away from opportunities when asked to appear in two-piece / swim suits on screen. In her recent portfolio sent to one of the Kannada film producers, Neha has boldly declared that she’s ready for any kind of expose – may it be a bikini / swimsuit. This open-hearted boldness has bowled out many of the producers.


Wanna take her first step from South…

Neha had her love towards South Indian films from before. Hence she likes to take the first step of her career from South films, even after having bagged lots of roles in several Hindi movies. ‘Travelling from South to North films is much like growing from a firm base and move upwards’ is her philosophical thought. And so she’s in search of suitable role.


Right-bright opportunities in Kannada…

Many of them feel that our Kannada filmmakers, who feel that the neighborhood, especially Mumbai, has hot cakes, have already thought to get Neha to Kannada industry. Many of them have already thought to cast Neha after seeing couple of producers pulling her to their projects. Having said all these, it’s evident that there’s no shortage for glamour flow to Kannada from Mumbai. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be surprising if this North Indian river flows towards South, that too towards Kannada film industry, to relieve and entertain all thirsty film lovers and make them feel where was she all these days. There’s no doubt Neha Dubey will shine bright in Indian film industry. Good luck Neha…


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