Malani Shakes His Legs To Two Item Numbers

Both The Numbers, Sandeep Malani Looks Stylish, Elegant And A Fashionista Icon !

Sandeep Malani, who of lately has taken acting seriously and is doing a couple of Kannada and Hindi projects, will be seen shaking his leg to two item numbers in two Kannada films, ‘Abhaya Hastha’ and ‘Huttadha Sutha’.


While both the films are thrillers, Malani has a special appearance in both the films. While he plays a Don in Huttadha Sutha, he plays a Rich Businessman in Abhaya Hastha. And his character in both the films are limited to just the song numbers.


Abhaya Hastha has the instrumental track, first of its kind as the entire dance number picturized in a Dhaba, has the lead hero dancing with the item girl and Malani also shakes his leg, without any lip syncing and singing, its just the beats that the legs and body move on. Composed by Karthik Venkatesh, choreography by Shivranjan, the film is directed by Naveen P.


Huttadha Sutha, was surrounded by the controversy of Huchcha Venkat getting into the TV studio and creating a fight with the director Melwin Elpil who was giving his interview; that item songs has to be banned. Well, the said number is picturized in a bar set up with the villains of the film doing their business, and Sandeep Malani playing the don, shaking his leg too.


Both the numbers, Sandeep Malani looks stylish, elegant and a fashionista icon.

Earlier in his career, he has also done item songs in the Konkani film Padri, Kannada film Indradhanush (with Shivraj Kumar, Guru Kiran) and the Hindi film Janleva 555, along with Kalpana Pandit, Ranjeet Jha, Mann Hora, Anant Joshi, Shona Chabra. The film was directed by Malani himself.



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