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Ikkeri Aghoreshvara Temple Photography By Chinmaya M.Rao (155 Images)

Ikkeri Aghoreshvara Temple

Ikkeri (Kannada: ಇಕ್ಕೇರಿ)Aghoreshvara Temple is situated in Sagara taluk about 6 km to the south of Sagara. The word Ikkeri in Kannada means “Two Streets”.

The Aghoresvara temple above mentioned is a large structure, built of granite, in a uniquely mixed style that incorporates elements from Vijayanagara architecture, the Karnata Dravida style of the Later Chalukya dynasty and Hoysala Empire, as well as the architecture of the Deccan sultanates.

The temple faces north and has lofty roof and ornamental doorways on the west, north and east, the north doorway being the best with two elephants at the sides. The Garbhagriha, which is built of huge stones, contains a gigantic pedestal occupying nearly three-fourths of the whole space and sculptured all round with 32 seated female figures called Shakti Peetha. In the Sukhanasi is a small translucent Nandi (bull) carved out of white spar. The temple has no navaranga doorway there are two niches, those to the right containing the figures of Ganesha and Subramanya and those to the left figures of Mahishasuramardini and Bhairava.

There are intricate carvings on the stone walls of the temple. There are carvings & sculptures such as Temple Relief (sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background), Erotica, Fingurine, Old Kannada Manuscript, Sculpted Elephant etc.

At present it is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India.

Dr.Chinmaya Rao

Dr.Chinmaya M.Rao who is the Founder, Editor and Publisher of KANNADA TIMES, who is from Honagodu, Sagar taluk, Shimoga district, is a significant figure in the world of music. Though born in a family of agriculturists, Rao showed love for music and literature throughout his childhood. For more details visit : https://www.facebook.com/chinmaya.m.rao
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