Shridhara Smarane English

Chapter-7: Even the Poor and the Miserable Are Our Brothers and Sisters

Reminiscences of Bhagawān Sadguru Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji Part 1

English Translation of G T Sreedhara Sharma’s Shrīdhara Smarane – Part 1

By Ms.Vijaya Bhatta & Ms. Adya Bhatta, USA

          Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji had infinite love for the poor and the downtrodden. In the winters, Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji would buy all the available blankets in the town of Sāgar and distribute them to the poor and to the beggars. Once, an elderly person in the management of the Āshram suggested that a rule be made that those who come to the Āshram should not stay for more than three days unless they have some work there. To that Swāmīji said, “Son!, it is not as if we serve shadrasa1 feast here at the Āshram! They must be staying here because of some hardship. Let them stay. Think that even they are our brothers and sisters. Do not forget that even the poor and the miserable are our brothers and sisters. Thus Swāmīji was loved by the poor, the wretched, the miserable, the widowed, the beggars and the like.

  1. Shadrasa feast is a feast involving food spanning all the six tastes of Āyurvedic diet, namely sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent.

|| Jaya Jaya Shrīdharāya Namaḥ ||

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