Shridhara Smarane English

Chapter 11: Initiation of Rām Nām Even to the Laborers

Reminiscences of Bhagawān Sadguru Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji Part 1

English Translation of G T Sreedhara Sharma’s Shrīdhara Smarane – Part 1

         When Shrī Shivānand Swāmīji and Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji were at the Shīgehalli matha, there were several huts of laborers who worked in the matha as well as in the surrounding villages. Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji had a lot of sympathy and compassion for such people who toiled their entire day. Often Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji used to worry that their lives were passing by without any spiritual knowledge. Sometimes He used to explain the glory of God to them. “Every day, once you are home after work, chant God’s name as much as possible; through this you all will be blessed by God,” He would frequently say. Thus, He gave the initiation of chanting of Rām Nām even to the laborers.

           Having been influenced by Rām Nām, many laborers became ardent devotees of God by chanting Rām Nām daily. Prominent among such devotees were ‘Babbugowda’ and ‘Kadavāl Ganapati’. According to Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji, once a person gets introduced to the Vedāntā sanskāra, one day or the other, this sanskāra will sprout inside him and grow to be a huge tree. Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji always had this kind of compassionate good wishes for the laborers.

          Thus, Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji explained the significance of Vedāntā in very simple words even to these laborers, and introduced them to Rām Nām. Similarly, those laborers felt that Shrī Shrīdhara Swāmīji was the God Himself who had come to uplift them.


  1. Rām Nām – Chanting of the holy name of Lord Rāma.
  2. Matha – Monastery.
  3. Vedāntā – Vedic principles of life.
  4. Sanskāra – Process of refinement and purification of thought and action through repetition which creates an impression on our mind.

|| Jaya Jaya Shrīdharāya Namaḥ ||

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