Shridhara Smarane English

Chapter-1 : Shri Shridhara Swamiji’s Devotion Towards His Mother

Reminiscences of Bhagawan Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji - Part 1

English Translation of G T Sreedhara Sharma’s Shridhara Smarane – Part 1

One night in Shri Shridhara Swamiji’s childhood, His mother was unexpectedly wailing in pain due to the onset of an acute stomach ache. There was no one else in the house other than the child, Shridhara. Woken up by the wailing cries of His mother, Shridhara asked, “Mother, why are you crying? What happened?” and He started crying too. His mother said, “Raja1, I have a stomach ache. The pain is unbearable; that’s why I’m crying. You don’t cry; early in the morning, you can get medicine from the doctor who lives close to your uncle’s house. The pain will subside once I take the medicine.” To that Shridhara said, “Mother, why wait till morning? I will get the medicine right now. I’m not scared of anything.” Having said that, He went running all the way from His house in Basarganj to Peelakhane, which was about three-fourths of a mile away. He woke up the doctor, described the symptoms of His mother’s illness, took the medicine, and ran back, stopping only after he reached home.

That tender-aged child of six years, Shridhara, could not see anything else on that pitch dark new-moon night other than His mother’s stomach ache. Until He brought and gave the medicine to His mother, it seemed like He had forgotten the existence of the rest of the world. Having seen the child return within a few minutes, and after taking the medicine, mother Kamala Bai hugged her child and said, “Raja, how did you go and return in this dark night alone, my child?” To that Shridhara said, “Mother, it was you who used to say सदा सर्वदा देव सन्निध आहे! 2 God is always there alongside His devotees, is it not so? True to that, I quickly went and returned within the God’s shrine itself.”

After taking the medicine given by Shridhara that night, His mother never had a stomach ache ever again.

  1. Raja is a way of lovingly addressing a male child.
  2. Sadā sarvadā dēva sannidha āhē – Script written in the Marathi language.

|| Jai Jai Shridharaya Namah ||

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