A Technology Platform That Makes The Music Teaching or Learning Very Intuitive : GuruSangeet

About GuruSangeet Platform

Indian Music (Sangeet) can only be mastered through training from an educator (Guru). The “Guru-Shishya Parampara” is the defining characteristic of Indian Music. GuruSangeet attempts to further strengthen the Guru-Shishya bonding by providing a ‘smart’ music education platform that comprehensively addresses the tech needs of this community.

The app enables educators to scale their teaching by allowing them to efficiently define the curriculum, quickly record the lessons, securely share the lessons to the learners without worrying about the ‘pitch’ of the learner, have the analytics of learner’s music practice behavior.

It helps learners to accelerate their learning progress, by providing them a ‘smart’ home-practice tool for vocals and melodic instruments. The otherwise abstract concepts of music are made very lucid through the visuals. The learner conveniently practices the lesson in a pitch/tempo of his/her choice. The learner gets live feedback of how well he/she is following the Guru’s singing, along with the improvement tips.

Dear Educators and Learners of Indian Music: download the Gurusangeet app and try the sample lessons (for free) to see how GuruSangeet transforms the music ‘home practice’ experience to an all new level!

Recording & Curation
GuruSangeet platform provides curation for the recorded lesson.

Visualization Aided Practice
Platform provides intuitive methods to carry out the practice including the visualisation of musical notes and the composition.

Student Management & Assignment
Platform provides comprehensive student management features as well as robust facility to assign lessons to students and track the progress.

Feedback & Evaluation
Students get the feedback in real time as they practice, as well as lets them look at the overall progress.

Why GuruSangeet?

Dear Music educator: below are the key reasons, why you should consider adopting GuruSangeet for your music school:

Increased hours of music practice by the learner and reduced chances of erroneous practicing.

Decreased early-stage student drop-offs.

Increased comfort for the parents to guide their children’s home-practice.

‘Simplifying’ to comprehend the othrewise-abstract concepts of music, for the learner.

Reduction in the overall effort for the educator due to the streamlining of the lesson practice lifecycle. Enables the teachers to educate more learners.

Testimonials :
Surmani Dattatreya Velankar
Shadja Kala Kendra has been delivering music education on the basis of a well-defined curriculum. We had developed both text-books and audio-CDs of the lessons, for the benefit of the learners. With GuruSangeet, we have been able to take things to the next level, where the lessons are not only listenable, but learnable too. The engagement levels during home practice has gone up in our students. The parents too are now able to oversee the practice of their kids. GuruSangeet is truly an innovation with a positive impact.

Bindu Subramaniam Dean, SaPa
The GuruSangeet App is a beautiful example of how technology can be used to enhance learning, without attempting to replace a guru. The well thought out structure and layout ensure that this app will be useful for any student of music, and we are delighted that SaPa is an early adopter of this technology.

For a product demo and pricing discussions:

Write to [email protected]

Call on +91-9448505697

GuruSangeet is available on iOS (only on iPad, for now).

GuruSangeet will be soon available on Android.

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